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What I'm Doing 

Currently, I am reading Ayn Rand's "Fountainhead" (to be honest, I remember hating Rand in high school, but I can't remember why), this mammoth book on Nietzsche, and another book purporting to explain the physical origins of religious belief. I'll get titles and authors on these later. Currently at the beginning of all of them, so it is to soon to have a real opinion on any of them.

As for music, I've been geeking out bootlegging streaming mixed sets from various Japanese bedroom DJ's. See
Daikaiten.com and xfade.jp for more

I'm mostly interested in underground hiphop mixes and the mixes i found in the crossover and freestyle sections @ xfade

Special Props to DJ Cactus, Waffle, and especially KOBASHIN!!! Kobashin is great. Makes me smile.

I also like unusual remixes and remixes of songs you never expected to hear remixed.
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Hope Springs Eternal 

I'm very excited about the possibility marijuana law reform in Nevada. Check out the Marijuana Policy Project's (MPP) upcoming ballot initiative @

Also, check out their awesome pro-(pot)choice ads @
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Working Stiff 

As I mentioned last night, I am a kitchen manager, which is basically a glorified cook. Note, that I say "cook", and not "chef", for I am most certainly not a chef. Indeed, I had no culinary inclinations (aside from stints selling donuts and Subway sandwiches), not even really cooking for myself, until a couple of years ago. Then it was a case not so much of interest, but needing to find a job that concurrently paid more than minimum wage and did not drug test. The restaurant industry provided such haven, being staffed primarily by cokeheads and alcoholics to begin with. Such circumstances are excellent for the pothead, as any personal deliquencies arising from one's ganja use are easily hidden in the glaring absurdity that is cocaine and alcohol abuse.

So, I began to cook, starting out at the bottom, washing dishes and doing plate set (I literally took the cooked food from the cooks, and put it on the plate; I can't believe this is really a position), and learning whatever any one would teach me. Now, I know this sounds elitist, but there is no competition for the intelligent slacker in commercial food. Most of one's coworkers are barely high-school grads, and anyone with a degree is smart enough to stay the hell away from food, aside from middle- and upper-management. Therefore, if one is like me, smart, but amotivated (perhaps also a college dropout, but not necessarily) one can easily achieve the status of the big fish in a tiny pond. Cooking is not hard. I picked it in no time, and now I'm managing. Still making shit wages, but at least with a little power. That's all on that for now.
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